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Joe Charlson March 8, 2014 Community Help

Note: There will be an instant $3 provision fee for all numbers.

To provision a new phone number, log into your account and navigate to Settings/Location Options/Inbound Phones.


Joe Charlson March 6, 2014 2 Community Help

Log into your account. Under Settings, select Location=>Location Options=>Representatives


Click on "Add New Representative". Enter First Name, Last Name and a unique email address. Select their phone or select CallerReady phone and set weight=100.


 Once added, go to their listing on the Representatives screen and click on, Email Credentials. That link will initiate the process for the rep to create their password. 

Once a password is set, they use their email and password to log-into app.callerready.com

If you want this rep to also receive the click to call phone calls, you also need to click on their the little gear icon on their rep listing and input their phone extension in the External ID field. Then click save. They will use that code to identify themselves to the system when they receive the click-to-call phone calls.

Patrick Patterson May 17, 2012 Community Help


The CallerReady Widget code can be placed on any web page to enable Talk Now and Schedule a Call functionality.  Please go to "Widget >> Instructions" in the portal for your exact code and to view a sample.


  • Talk Now and Schedule a Call widgets are available through your CallerReady account with the appropriate plan.  Please contact support@callerready.com with any questions.
  • For security purposes, you must add the domain you will be placing  your buttons to the "Widget >> Domain Permission" page.  Your widget will not display without this entry.
  • If already including jQuery on your page, you must make sure you are using the latest version (at least v1.4.4).
  • Every button must have the class as "callerready" (ex. class="callerready")
  • Every button must have a different id

Global Options:

  • _crPermissionGuid
    • Definition: Specific to your instance and used for permission.  Please go to "Widget >> Instructions" in the portal for your exact code and to view a sample.
    • Expected Value(s): Unique-identifier
  • _crTrackingGUIDEnabled
    • Definition: For API / Redirect users, this will use the value TrackingGUID from the query string to populate the widget.
    • Expected Value(s): Boolean (true or false)
    • Default Value: false
  • _crTrackingGUID
    • Definition: For API / Redirect users, if _crTrackingGUIDEnabled is enabled, the value in this field will be used populate the widget.
    • Expected Value(s): GUID
  • _crCSS
    • Definition: For white label customers only, this will allow you to overload any element of the form with your own CSS.
    • Expected Value(s): fully qualified URL
  • _crJS
    • Definition: For white label customers only, this will allow you to append any javascript file to the form.
    • Expected Value(s)fully qualified URL

Button Options:

  • data-cr-button-text
    • Definition: The text that will be displayed on the button.  
    • Expected Value(s): String
  • data-cr-action-type
    • Definition: Determines what action will happen when you click a button.
    • Expected Value(s): String (4 characters)
      • "TALK" - shows Talk Now path if location is open, shows Schedule a Call path if location is closed
      • "SCHD" - shows Schedule a Call path regardless of location open status
    • Default Value: "TALK"
  • data-cr-form-type
    • Definition: changes different aspects as of the form.
    • Expected Value(s): String (4 characters)
      • "ADDR" - Renders modal with address fields in addition to standard fields.
  • data-cr-button-class
    • Definition: Overrides default class for button.  Use this when you want to use your own CSS for the button.
    • Expected Value(s): String

Example Code:

Code to be placed above </body> tag in your HTML:

            <script type="text/javascript">
                _crPermissionGuid = "0a4252a0-7e70-11d0-a5d6-28db04c10000";
            <script src="http://widget.callerready.com/include/scripts/connect.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Talk Now (standard button):

         <div class="callerready" id="cr_connect" data-cr-button-text="Talk Now" />

Schedule a Call (as second button on page):

         <div class="callerready" id="cr_schedulecall" data-cr-button-text="Schedule a Call" data-cr-action-type="SCHD" />


Thank You Page (no button):

            <script type="text/javascript">
                _crPermissionGuid = "0a4252a0-7e70-11d0-a5d6-28db04c10000";
_crTrackingGUIDEnabled = true;
            <script src="http://widget.callerready.com/include/scripts/connect.js" type="text/javascript"></script>